Where to go on a business vacation?

A business vacation can be an excellent way to combine work and pleasure. Mixing the two may mean scheduling only half-days for meetings or building in an extra day or two on either end. Choosing a location for such a vacation depends upon a number of factors.

Many aspects of choosing a location for a business vacation are not that different from choosing where to go on a regular vacation. Someone sick of winter might long for sun. A rural dweller craving an urban vibe might want to visit a major city.

It is important to keep in mind that if a person plans to write off some of the expenses, the primary purpose of the trip must be work-related. If writing off the expenses on taxes is important, the person should find out how much of the trip will be tax deductible. For example, expenses for foreign business travel are fully deductible, but these also tend to be looked at more carefully than domestic business trips. However, a person can take a trip that is primarily personal in nature and build in some business that is tax deductible. For example, meals with clients would be tax deductible even if the overall trip is not. If in doubt, a traveler should consult an accountant since tax mistakes can be expensive.

Another consideration is how well the location will make it possible to mix business with pleasure. A city located next to the beach where it is easy to make the transition from business meeting to sunbathing might be a better choice than a ski lodge that is an hour away from the city where business takes place. A business traveler in search of some rest and relaxation might also seek a location where even business meetings are inherently more casual. For example, meetings in some West Coast cities are as likely to be conducted in shorts and sandals as some in the Northeast are to be strictly business wear.

Las Vegas is home to many conferences year round. You could stay in a hotel on the Las Vegas “Strip” or even visit Lake Las Vegas, which is home to many short term rentals and business conventions as well. This gives you the opportunity to not only learn and network at a conference, but also have some fun in the Nevada sun! Or you might want to gamble with some of your recent earnings! Either way, give Las Vegas a thought for your next business trip.

If the family is coming along, it will be important to choose a location where there are plenty of activities particularly during the hours when the person conducting the business is tied up in meetings or other work. The rest of the family shouldn’t be sitting bored in a hotel room for hours.

As with any vacation, planning ahead is essential. Good planning for a business vacation means choosing a location where going from the boardroom to a sailboat, or the equivalent, is a cinch.